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Whether you’re making your first investment or are a seasoned developer, subdividing and developing property can be complicated. There are many legal steps that need to be followed including permits and applications that need to be applied for and approved.

Our experienced lawyers can help you subdivide or develop your property so you can focus on your venture.


Whether you’re subdividing your property to build a townhouse or a big apartment block, you want your project to go as quickly and smoothly as possible. There are legal requirements that need to be followed when subdividing property and the process can be quite complicated. Some things that you’ll need to consider include:

  • What the Victorian and local council requirements are;
  • If the subdivided property will be able to access power, water and other utilities;
  • Whether the land is able to handle what you have planned for the property;
  • Whether any other buildings on the property will be adversely affected by the subdivision; and
  • Whether you need a surveyor or engineer to help prepare your subdivision plans.


Developing a property can be a complicated process. No matter how big or small your project is, you will need to go through several legal processes to get it off the ground. This may include:

  • Carrying out preliminary research to make sure Victorian and local authorities will let you develop the property in the way you want;
  • Engaging a surveyor, engineer and/or town planner to make sure the land is suitable for the type of development you’re planning; and
  • Making sure you can access the financing you need for your development.

Your applications and approvals may include needing to speak to the local council, the Land Titles Office, the Department of Lands, your financial lender and the State Revenue Office.

Why MNG Lawyers

Our experienced lawyers can explain the processes that you need to follow to subdivide or develop your property in plain English. We can also help you apply for the necessary permits and approvals and make sure everything is in order so that your plans go through smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You can negotiate with the seller to include a clause that the purchase is subject to development consent. These clauses often have a specific date attached to them that state when you need to have tried to get the necessary approvals.

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