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Applying for an intervention order or trying to have one removed can be emotional and complicated. Whether you feel like your safety is at risk or you’ve been unfairly treated, our experienced lawyers can give you advice, explain your rights and represent you in court.

Our criminal lawyers will help you get a fair hearing and resolve your issue quickly so you can get on with your life.

Types of intervention orders

An intervention order gives you protection if another person is harassing you or your physical or mental safety is at risk. In Victoria, there are two types of intervention orders:

  • Personal safety intervention orders or PSIOs, that protect you from someone who is not your immediate family like a friend, work colleague or neighbour; and
  • Family violence intervention orders or FVIOs, which are for domestic violence or family situations.

When an intervention order is in place, the person named in the order can’t approach, stalk or commit an act of violence against you. If they do, the police have the power to arrest the person immediately.

How to get an intervention order 

An intervention order is granted by a Magistrate. You’ll need to apply for an intervention order in person at the local Magistrates’ Court. If you’re not sure what to do, our lawyers can help you make your application and go to court with you.

In some instances, the police may apply for an interim intervention order on your behalf. The court can only remove the interim intervention order if they’re satisfied that there is no reason to justify the order. This can be very difficult to prove, but our lawyers can help you put forward your case to the court.

Why MNG Lawyers

Our lawyers have over 20 years experience helping people just like you. Getting an intervention order can be an emotional and stressful experience, so we take the time to listen to you, explain what your rights are in plain English and outline your options. We can represent you in court and help you get a fair hearing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. If someone has applied for an intervention order against you, you can go to court and apply for it to be removed. To do this you will need to show evidence that there is no reason for the intervention order to apply. It can be very difficult to prove this and these cases can often drag on for quite some time. Our lawyers can help you build your case and represent you in court.

A family court order may apply to parenting and financial matters. It can sometimes be used to prevent one parent from being able to spend time with their child if it’s in the best of the interests of the child. An intervention order can have the same result, but they’re often quicker to implement giving the person immediate protection.

If you breach an intervention order you may be charged with a criminal offence. You could also face a hefty fine, be imprisoned for up to two years and get a criminal record.

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