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Even the strongest business partnerships can have disagreements and healthy discussions can quickly turn into a stalemate. Whether you have a partnership, company or trust, a shareholder or partnership dispute can threaten to damage the business you have built.

Our experienced litigation lawyers can help you resolve your dispute quickly and cost-effectively so you can get back to business.

Partnership and shareholder disputes explained

Healthy debate is a normal part of running a business, but these can sometimes turn into bigger issues. You may disagree on how to manage or expand your business, who you want to employ, how to balance risk and return, or how to distribute your profits. It’s also common for disputes to arise when something unexpected happens, like the illness or death of a partner or company officer.

While a dispute can be distracting, it doesn’t have to impact your business or long-term relationships. We can help you understand your options.

Helping you manage your dispute

While the fine details of resolving a shareholder or partnership dispute will depend on how your business is structured, there are several solutions that you may be able to consider to ensure your business continues to operate smoothly. Often you can find a middle ground by negotiating or involving an independent third party like a mediator to help you.  

If it’s not possible to continue working together and the assets of the business can be easily separated, you could consider dividing the business and letting each of you go your own way. Other options include one partner buying the others out or selling the business to a third party and sharing the proceeds. At the last resort, you may decide to wind up the business and move on.  

Whatever decision you make, our dispute lawyers can guide you each step of the way so that your business and interests are protected.

Why MNG Lawyers

Our solicitors have over 20 years of experience helping people manage their shareholder and partnership disputes. There’s a lot at stake and it’s easy to get caught up in emotion, but this can be costly. We take the time to listen to you and give you practical commercial advice.  We are here to help you decide the best way forward so that you can get back to business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shareholder and partnership disputes don’t have to end up in court. We can help you negotiate a successful outcome or assist you through mediation. Mediation is a process where an independent party listens to both sides and helps you achieve a mutually agreeable position. It is a quicker and less stressful way to resolve a dispute.

Even with the best of intentions, It isn’t always possible to avoid going to court with a shareholder or partnership dispute. If that happens, our lawyers can make sure you’re prepared and represent your interests.

One of best ways to avoid a shareholder or partner disagreement turning into a legal dispute is by having a partnership or shareholder agreement in place. This is an agreement that establishes the rights, obligations and liabilities of each person is. A well-drafted agreement will also contemplate what may happen in the future and outline how disputes are to be settled. For example, it may outline when one partner or shareholder can buy out another and prevent others from investing in or working with competing businesses after they leave.

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