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While no one likes to think about death, planning for what will happen to your estate after you pass is important. Estate planning can make sure that you look after those you love, leave a legacy behind and ensure you have the right asset protection strategies in place. Our Melbourne and Ballarat lawyers can outline your options and make sure you’ve got all the paperwork in place to give you peace of mind.

What is estate planning and asset protection?

Estate planning isn’t just about making sure you have a will in place. It’s about making sure that your assets and debts are structured in a way that will benefit the ones you love the most and ensure that you protect your legacy.

Good estate planning ensures that your wealth transitions to the next generation smoothly, with minimal cost or tax, and on your terms. Asset protection strategies also make sure you put in place a plan to preserve your wealth and look after your property, assets and business for your family while you’re still alive. Our wills and estates lawyers can help you put in place a tailored estate plan to protect your legacy and those you love.

Who needs estate planning?

Many people don’t think estate planning is relevant to them but they’re often not right. Estate planning and asset protection is important for anyone who has assets of value, business ventures, trust arrangements or complex family situations. If you have assets or family that you wish to protect, you could benefit from putting in place strategies to protect and plan your estate.

Many of our estate planning clients are entrepreneurs, corporate executives or families with significant wealth. Our lawyers in Melbourne and Ballarat can provide you with legal advice to minimise tax, ensure you have the right insurances in place and that you’ve structured your assets in the best way for your family.

What’s involved in estate planning and asset protection?

Estate planning and asset protection isn’t just about what happens to your estate after you pass away. It’s about planning for the future of your family, business and community now and making sure that you make the most of your assets and wealth.

Our lawyers can help you put in place the right financial and legal structures so that you optimise your wealth and reduce the possibility of disputes. We can also help you to support specific charities that are important to you so you can leave a legacy that you’re proud of.

Wealth protection of your personal assets

The plan for your estate may include protecting a wide range of financial and personal assets and property. These may include:

  • Your family home or other real estate;
  • Shares you hold;
  • Investments that you have;
  • Your superannuation;
  • Other property like cars, jewellery or personal items;
  • Trusts that you have a beneficial interest in;
  • Your business or ventures that you have an interest in;
  • Any debts or loans that you have in place; and
  • Any inheritances that you may receive in the future.

Wealth protection of funds, trusts, companies, businesses, and others

Estate planning may involve structuring your financial, personal and business interests in specific ways to achieve your personal goals. This may include:

  • Structuring your business assets and companies to ensure your interests are protected from creditors and tax is minimised;
  • Establishing personal trusts to protect your assets and ensure you can provide for your loved ones and reduce the chance of a dispute arising;
  • Putting in place strategies to minimise the tax that you and your family pay now and in the future;
  • Ensuring you have the right insurances in place to meet your business and personal needs; and
  • Structuring your superannuation so that you can take advantage of favourable government incentives and opportunities.

After death, wealth protection for your beneficiaries

Unfortunately, death is an unavoidable part of life, but a well-considered estate plan can reduce the stress and financial impact on those you love. Our estate lawyers can help you put in place structures and strategies that ensure your family and beneficiaries can receive the optimal value of your assets and reduce the taxes and level of debt they may need to deal with when you pass away.

How MNG lawyers can help

At MNG Lawyers, we offer estate planning services to individuals, families and businesses in Melbourne and Ballarat. Our legal advice can help you put together a holistic estate plan that will benefit your loved ones, protect your assets and reduce the possibility of litigation and disputes in the future.

Our estate planning lawyers provide tailored advice, because we know that every person is different and when it comes to your wills and estate, your needs are unique. Our lawyers will listen to your concerns, understand your wishes, consider all the financial and tax implications of your decisions, and ensure that your estate plan gives you peace of mind.

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