Phillip Barravecchio

Phillip Barravecchio


Phillip has been practicing law for over 20 years, after completing a Bachelor of Legal Studies and a Bachelor of Laws. He is a Solicitor Advocate and is registered to practice in both State and Federal jurisdictions. Phillip works with clients across a range of areas including litigation, property law, commercial and business advice, wills and estate planning, family and criminal law.

He has extensive experience working in the corporate sector on commercial matters ranging from human resources to mergers and acquisitions and compliance. So, when working with businesses he understands what they need and provides practical advice.

Working with a range of businesses from large corporations through to small businesses, he provides advice on how to structure their operations, asset protection, trade terms and risk management. Phillip is also a Certified Workplace Instructor and represents clients in complex disputes and litigation.

Phillip also helps clients dealing with complex property law issues that may end up going to court. He works hard to help clients avoid litigation and protect their rights, but is also there to represent them if the dispute can’t be resolved amicably.

Working with families and individuals, Phillip helps them put in place detailed succession plans that will stand the test of time. If someone contests a will, he can help negotiate an outcome or represent the client in court. He also helps families that are going through separation or divorce to work through complex property structures and parenting matters to achieve an outcome that is fair.

In criminal law cases, Phillip helps defend people who are charged with serious crimes including homicide and cases involving children. As a Solicitor Advocate, he is experienced in representing clients in court where the client doesn’t have a barrister.

Phillip has a strong sense of justice and gets great satisfaction from helping his clients to achieve a fair outcome. He has also volunteered in numerous community groups and legal centres and has been on the Executive Committee of the North West Lawyers Association since 2010.

On the weekends, Phillip enjoys spending time with his young family and supporting his beloved Essendon Football Club.

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