Rosetta Gentile

Rosetta Gentile


Rosetta was admitted to practice as a lawyer in 1976. For over four decades, she has helped clients with their property transactions and estate planning.

Even the simplest property transactions require careful planning to make sure they go through smoothly. Whether they’re a first home buyer, a seasoned investor or a property developer, Rosetta helps clients buy and sell their property. She also completes the conveyancing and makes sure that all the paperwork is ready for settlement.

Rosetta also helps clients who want to make sure that their loved ones are looked after when they pass. This can include making sure their property and assets are in order or drafting their will. 

Fluent in Italian, Rosetta also helps other lawyers to take instructions when they have a client who prefers to speak in their first language. Having lived in the northern suburbs for over 30 years, Rosetta is also well-known in the local community. Her clients know that they can call on Rosetta and ask her anything whenever they need. She’s never in a rush and takes the time to listen to what people need. With the benefit of experience, there aren’t many problems that she can’t solve. When she’s not working, Rosetta enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, doing tapestries and reading.

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