Sofia Ribeiro

Sofia Ribeiro


Sofia has been practising law for over five years. She holds a Bachelor of Laws and assists clients with criminal, family and intervention order matters. 

Sofia primarily helps clients who have been charged with criminal offences. This includes relatively simple matters like traffic offences, speeding, driving under the influence and people who have had their license suspended. She also represents clients with more serious criminal charges including assault, drug offences (possession and trafficking), sexual assault, infanticide and murder. Sofia also works with municipal councils to prosecute local issues ranging from parking offences to dog attacks. This provides Sofia with a unique set of skills and makes her a well-rounded lawyer.

In family matters, Sofia helps people, who are going through a separation or divorce, negotiate how their property will be divided and their parenting arrangements.

If there is domestic violence or an issue of personal safety with her clients, she can also assist people in obtaining intervention orders to protect them. She also assists clients to defend applications for intervention orders against them.   

Criminal and family law issues can be emotional and tricky, but Sofia shows her clients empathy and compassion. She has an uncanny knack of being able to understand what it’s like to walk in her client’s shoes and communicates in a way that makes them feel instantly at ease. Sofia also understands that it takes a village to help people through difficult times, and has built a network of support services that she can connect her clients to if they need.        Outside of work, Sofia indulges the ‘foodie’ in her at local restaurants and loves activities that promote a healthy lifestyle including rollerblading, spin, hiking and snorkelling. She also enjoys seeing art events that inspire creativity and collaboration.

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