Stacey Kanellakos

Stacey Kanellakos


Stacey has been practising law since 2015. She has a Juris Doctor and Bachelor of Arts from the University of Melbourne. Stacey helps clients with wills and estate planning, commercial litigation and retail leasing.

Working with a broad range of people from young families to retirees, Stacey helps them plan their estate and document how their assets will be treated when they pass. She also assists them to document their personal and medical preferences in case they’re not able to make decisions for themselves in the future. When someone passes, Stacey assists the executor to apply for probate and helps family members to lodge survivorship applications or manage the estate if their loved one died without a will.

When someone passes away, it’s not uncommon for there to be disputes about their assets. Stacey helps people both contest a will or defend an estate. While it can get complicated, particularly if there are blended families, Stacey sees it as her role to make the process of contesting a will simpler for her clients. 

Stacey also works with commercial businesses, providing real estate agents and their clients with advice on establishing a retail lease. She also assists by preparing the retail lease and negotiating on behalf of her clients.

Commercial litigation cases can often be complicated and lengthy, but Stacey understands how important it is to get a result for her client. These cases often involve businesses that have outstanding debts and need to defend their rights.

Stacey’s clients appreciate the care and understanding that she provides. She listens to their issues with kindness and sensitivity and makes sure she is always there when they need her. Outside of work, Stacey is kept busy by her young child and enjoys reading and catching up on the latest movies.

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