Conveyancing & Property Law Services

MNG Lawyers is now also providing conveyancing, property law services, and estate planning within the Ballarat community - get in touch with us today.

Purchasing and Selling Freehold Property

It’s our job to remove the stress factor for our clients, so that buying and selling property can be a pleasure. We pride ourselves on our practicality, efficiency and accuracy in our property services, so you can rest assured that your purchase is entirely protected.

We make sure you understand your contract terms and conditions in plain English, every step of the way.

Remember - never sign a Contract until you have obtained Legal advice.

Purchasing Off the Plan and Foreign Investment Review Board Approval

We have been acting for purchasers buying off-the-plan for over 20 years, both local and non-resident. We provide comprehensive advice and the preliminary reports you need before entering into your contract. We have a detailed understanding of the nuanced requirements and are happy to walk you through them.

You should never sign an off-the-plan contract before seeking legal advice. It’s vital to make sure your contract contains full specifications and detailed plans, as well as the proposed Plan of Subdivision. If you are purchasing as a non-resident of Australia, you are required to get prior approval from the Foreign Investment Review Board.

Commercial Property

Our property team advises comprehensively on commercial property acquisition. Since many commercial properties were previously used for a different purpose to yours, it’s important that extra care is taken to address complicated legal requirements.

Remember that if you are planning to put tenants in your commercial property and rely on it for income, a full and proper lease review must be undertaken as part of the purchase.

Are you buying a home?

Our seasoned professionals will give you the comprehensive legal advice you need when buying your new home, including any special conditions attached to your contract. Whether it’s advice on your building and pest inspection report or appropriate finance approval conditions, we’ll make sure you’re protected.

Are you selling a home?

Our team  will prepare your Contract and legally required Vendor Statement. We will also explain what it means to sign with a Sole Agency Authority with a Licensed Real Estate Agent, and the implications that go with it.

Excellent legal advice is important to make sure your contract is detailed, comprehensive and clearly communicated to your sales agent. You should carefully consider issues like:

  • Have you accounted for all fittings and fixtures?

  • Have you made any changes to the property?

Handy Things You Should Know

  • Do your homework.

  • Be aware of time frames.

  • Make sure your bank is ready and all loan documents have been prepared and executed.

  • Allow sufficient time for settlement.

  • Ensure Special Conditions are included in the contract.

  • Let us know if you plan to be away at the time of settlement.

  • All terms that you want to remove should be specified in the contract.

  • Don't change any document before you seek advice from a Solicitor.

  • Seek advice about capital gains and GST on your property settlement.

  • If you are ever unsure, seek advice.

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